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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

  • To receive respectful and considerate care regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities or religious beliefs.
  • o be treated with respect and dignity, in a safe and clean environment.
  • To be provided with privacy and confidentiality in care, discussion, examination and treatments.
  • To be protected from physical abuse and neglect.
  • To make suggestions and express grievances, receive a personal response for the same, if so requested, and to have continued access to care without neglect, intimidation, threat, correction, discrimination and other retaliatory action.
  • To access your confidential health records as per protocol
  • To refuse treatment, the consequences of which will be explained to you.
  • To agree to, or refuse to, take part in medical research studies.
  • To clarify all your doubts before signing the informed consent form.
  • To know the expected cost of treatment and payment policies.
  • To receive a clear and understandable explanation of the treatment risk and expected outcomes.
  • To be involved in your discharge plan. Prior to your discharge from the hospital you can expect to receive information about follow-up care that may be needed after you are discharged.
  • To have an interpreter if you do not understand the medium of communication.
  • To request for a second opinion and change your doctor.
Patient Responsibilities

Provide complete and accurate information

Cross-check with the doctor in case of any confusion or doubt about diagnosis and treatment

Abide by all hospital rules and regulations

Be respectful towards hospital staff and other patients

Be on time for appointments and follow-up visits

Clear dues in a timely manner as per the hospital’s policy

Respect that admitted patients requiring emergency care take priority

Follow the prescribed treatment plan and comply with doctor’s instructions


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