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Chairman's Message

​​Human life is considered to be God's greatest creation on earth. Our ancient scriptures tell us that it is only in human life that a living being can experience and earn the four "purusharthas" - "dharma"(the quality of spiritual righteousness), "artha"(the ability to acquire and preserve material gains), "kaama" (the capacity to desire) and "moksha" (the state of being unattached) - and thereafter attain divinity. The “Charaka Samhita”, the basic treatise of Ayurveda, goes further in adding a basic condition, that these “purusharthas” can only be attained when the body is free of disease - "धर्म अर्थ काम मोक्षानाम, आरोग्यम मूलमुत्तमम".

With the same “आरोग्यम मूलमुत्तमम” as our motto, we at Precision Urology Hospital venerate the human body as our service to God, and endeavour to keep it disease free so that a human life can fulfil its ultimate potential of divinity.

Our hospital, which is the first single speciality dedicated Uro-Nephro hospital and Kidney Transplant centre in Lucknow, the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, is further committed to provide affordable world class care and facilities to all patients.

I wish Precision Urology all success in fulfilling the aspirations and aims for which it has been established. I also convey my heartfelt good wishes to the Hospital for its efforts in the field of medical research and expansion of surgical facilities and pray that it ranks amongst the highest in the world as it progresses further.

Mr. Madhav Raj Pathak
Precision Urology Hospital and Kidney Transplant Center


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