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OPD Journey

Your OPD journey at PUH is planned keeping in view patient convenience and treatment modalities. Upon entering the hospital building, you will be ushered to the ground floor which houses the Reception Area, Vitals Assessment Desk, Doctor Consultation Chambers, Examination Room, Pharmacy, OPD Waiting Area, and Cafeteria. In case you need to undergo tests and x-ray screening, you would be directed to the basement which houses the Pathology and Radiology sections. The Billing and Estimates Department is also located in the basement. The OPD In-charge is responsible for addressing all your concerns related to appointments, waiting time, OPD process, clarifications related to consultation with the doctor etc. The OPD In-charge with the rest of the OPD team is committed to giving you a smooth and seamless experience at PUH.


Patient appointments and registration are managed by the Reception

Vital Assessment Desk

After registration, you will be guided to the Vitals Assessment Desk for initial assessment and recording of vitals

OPD Waiting Area

A designated waiting area with comfortable seating is available for you and your attendant while you wait for your turn to meet the doctor.

Doctor Consultation Chambers

Your meeting with the doctor will entail history taking, physical assessment, and advice for further diagnostic assessment and treatment

Examination Room

If required, the doctor may direct you to the Examination Room for physical examination and Uroflowmetry


You can visit the Pushpalata Cafeteria at PUH to select from a variety of food & beverage items that it serves.


The Om Bhawan Pharmacy at PUH will fulfill the medical prescriptions given to you by the doctor.


The Pathology lab at PUH collects and analyzes the samples of blood, urine, and tissues to diagnose and treat urologic and nephrology diseases


The Radiology section carries out x-ray screening and imaging required for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Billing & Estimates Department

If your doctor decides you need in-patient treatment, you will be guided to the Billing and Estimates Department for admission related information

Ancillary Support

The guard at the main gate will notify the Reception Desk to arrange for a wheelchair or stretcher if you require help with ambulation.


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