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Safety Commitment

At Precision Urology Hospital, our ability to provide reliable and consistent quality care is rooted in our commitment to safety. We endeavour to ensure a safe environment for patient and staff in terms of infection, medication, facility and regulatory compliance. Here’s a snapshot of the steps that we have taken to remain steadfast in our commitment to safety:

The Patient Safety Officer monitors overall patient safety in the hospital by taking regular rounds, patient safety audits and spreading awareness for patient safety

  • Standardize SOPs and policies
  • Identify quality indicatorsTake corrective actions for improvements
  • Take corrective actions for improvements
  • Conduct regular clinical audits
  • Follow best practices and clinical practice guidelines

The Infection Control Committee is tasked with overall infection prevention, antibiotic usage , surveillance, and infection control audits

The Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee is responsible for ensuring medication safety in pharmacy/wards/ICUs and clinical pharmacist regularly does medication chart audits

The Safety Committee monitors and mitigates issues related to licences, engineering, maintenance, bio medical equipments, fire, radiation etc

The Blood Transfusion Committee keeps a tab on transfusion reactions, blood consumption etc.

The OT Committee looks at issues related to infection control, staff training regarding safe surgery checklist compliance etc.

The Mortality and Morbidity Committee undertakes regular mortality and morbidity peer review

The CPR Analysis Committee reviews CPR events and takes corrective and preventive actions

The Transplant Committee is dedicated to ensuring that every procedural aspect associated with smooth running of the kidney transplant program is taken care of


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