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Jobs @ PUH

Precision Urology Hospital is committed to clinical excellence through nurturing talent and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. We believe that a content employee exhibits loyalty, discipline, creativity, commitment and exemplary patient care. We provide a positive work culture that encourages these qualities.
If you are passionate about caring for people and want to excel in the clinical or non-clinical fields then Precision Urology Hospital is an ideal place for you to join. We pride ourselves in fostering a healthy environment where you may join as a staff member, but we will treat you as part of the PUH Family.
With us, you will experience:

  • A secure and stable environment
  • An optimal work culture to bring out the “leader” in you
  • Opportunity to work with one of the best team of Doctors, Clinicians and Management Staff in Lucknow
  • Recognition of talent and excellent opportunities to maximize your potential
  • Encouragement for new ideas

You can apply in the following departments/roles: 

*You can apply for maximum 2 departments at a time


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