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At Precision Urology Hospital, patients and their attendants can rest assured that their comfort and convenience is our priority.

The OPD area is planned in a manner in which the patients can wait comfortably for their turn to meet the doctor. It is our endeavour to provide all patient related services under one roof so that the patient waiting time is reduced.

The in-patient department including the billing and estimates team helps patients with their admission and room allocation according to the patient’s choice.

The in-house Pharmacy, situated in the OPD area, is open 24x7 for patient convenience. Our staff brings the medication to the patient’s room without inconveniencing the patient or his/her attendant.

The in-house cafeteria, also situated on the ground floor, takes care of the patient’s dietary requirements and serves meals, snacks, and beverages for the patient’s attendants and visitors.

There are different types of rooms and stay areas for the patient. The patient can choose the room type according to his/her budget. However, rest assured that the highest quality of care and treatment will be delivered to all patients irrespective of the room that they choose to stay at in PUH.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Emergency are operational 24x7. The ICU is appropriately equipped to take care of patients in need of intensive care. At PUH, we have divided our ICU into Surgical ICU (SICU) and Medical ICU (MICU). Post surgery, patients are directly shifted to the SICU. The dedicated SICU & MICU staff is trained, and continuously monitored by the doctors. There are dedicated Emergency doctors who work under the continuous guidance of the Consultant doctors at PUH.

The dialysis area at PUH is managed by experienced dialysis technicians under the close monitoring of the Consultant Nephrologist. For more details on the different types of dialysis, please visit Nephrology Services.

The advanced diagnostic facilities at PUH help patients get all their x-rays, lab tests etc required for diagnosis and treatment. For more details on the diagnostic facilities at PUH, please visit Advanced Diagnostic Services.

The patient will be assisted by PUH staff in case he/she needs a wheelchair or stretcher. The ambulance at PUH, operational 24x7, is equipped with basic life support facilities.


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