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The PUH Spirit

“Precision” means “the quality of being clear or exact”. In the field of scientific research this term is also used to measure the degree of reproducibility. Processes or systems which consistently yield similar results every time they are carried out are said to have high precision.

Biology in general, and human physiology in particular, are non-linear, real world sciences where an effect may have multiple causes and a cause may have multiple effects. Furthermore, there is Evolution -  subtly but surely altering the narrative.

To deliver consistent reproducible results, practitioners of such sciences must have an exhaustive knowledge of a plethora of factors, their myriad consequences & complex interplays, and an insight into the evolutionary process. They must also possess a commitment to set high standards and at the same time have the tenacity to continuously adhere to principles which help achieve those standards. When all this is in meticulous coordination, the result is Precision.

Where there is Precision, there is Reliability, and where there is Reliability there is Trust.

Urology is one such science and we are such practitioners of the science.

That is why we are Precision Urology.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Charter
  • Goals


Ourpatient’s well-being tops everything else
  • Be flexible in determining cost-to-patient as per the patient’s financial background
  • Base decisions regarding patient treatment as per patient need, not business targets
  • Do not compromise on patient treatment even if the patient pays less
Our actions speak louder than our words
  • Maintain open communication with the patient
  • Develop and uphold loyalty towards the patient
  • Do not dupe the patient in any scenario
Our pursuit of excellence primes all other pursuits
  • Deliver superior patient experience by offering all uro-nephro and allied services under one roof within the same day
  • Ensure and engrain exceptional quality standards across the hospital
  • Adopt latest technology and techniques to deliver cutting-edge patient care
Our strength lies in our sense of community
  • Inculcate a culture where success belongs to the team, not to any one individual
  • Provide an ecosystem for every PUH family member to grow
  • Instill a sense of security and organizational identity among each PUH family member
  • Co-inspire each other to achieve greater heights
  • Become the best uro-nephro hospital in north India
  • Become a high volume centre that delivers complete uro-nephro care
  • Enhance the out-patient to in-patient conversion rate
  • Be recognized as a patient-oriented centre of excellence
  • Boost the patient satisfaction rate
  • Achieve the highest quality accreditations and standards in India
  • Bolster our patient outreach


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